Painful Menstruation

60% of women suffer from period pains. In many cases menstrual pain is interferes with our ability to perform basic tasks for a day or two each month.

The most common cause of painful menstrual periods is an incorrect diet with excessive intake of sugar, food preparations of white flour, processed dairy and lack of hot meals. Being overstressed is another reason. But the fact that so many women suffer from period pains is not only related to a wrong diet and too much stress.

It also shows that we have lost our connection with the menstrual wisdom. Literature on psychology and gynaecology points to psychological causes of menstrual cramps, indicating that women are not happy with their womanhood.

A number of studies show that women suffering from cramps have a high level of prostaglandin F2 alfa in their menstrual blood. During menses this hormone is secreted into the circulation and triggers muscle contractions in the uterus,  that cause characteristic cramp pains.

Increased stress related to the stage of adolescence, accompanied by excessive intake of processed dairy, meat and sugar leads to higher blood levels of adrenaline and PGF2 alfa, which result in strong and painful menstruation cramps. 

In the beginning they can be dealt with by painkillers, which supress the symptoms. However, in order to treat the causes of period pains effectively, it is recommended to change the diet, learn to appreciate the rhythm of the menstrual cycles and start to use natural methods, that do not have any side-effects.




You should:

  • change your diet: eliminate sugar, carbonated beverages, reduce the amount of processed dairy; have hot cooked meals (hot vegetables, groats and flakes, fish etc.)
  • starting from the day 16th of the cycle take: Evening Primrose oil capsules, Spirulina alga, calcium and magnesium supplements, vitamin E and C
  • in the second half of the cycle it is good to drink herbal teas: lemon balm (melissa) herb 50 g, polygonii herba 50 g, tormentil herb 50 g, yarrow herb 50 g, chamomile flower 50 g; Pour 1 glass of boiling water over 1 tablespoon of herbs and allow it to steep for 15 minutes. Sieve and drink 3-4 glasses a day
  • apply magnet therapy using magnet MN8 designed to be worn over underwear; available on site

You can:

  • use warm castor oil packs on your abdomen for 1 hour daily; soak a swab in castor oil and place it on the lower abdomen, cover it with plastic film and a towel and put a hot-water bottle on top; it is recommended for all 7 days before the period
  • use hormonal contraceptives (if not ready for diet changes or not open to natural treatment methods).
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