Health is in us

For 10 years of our activity we have organized trainings, symposiums, conferences and festivals, thanks to which we have broadened our awareness of health. We have contributed to the changes that have taken place over the years in terms of quality of deliveries. We have produced a lot of publications, books, interviews and films that we share with you in our new project under the banner HEALTH IS IN US.

Health at every stage of life

For years we have been dealing with the health of a person’s life cycle – from the moment of deliberate parenting to the conception of the child, through pregnancy and childbirth, childhood, puberty, parenting to time for satisfaction from maturity. Unfortunately, medical interventions are carried out before conception and this leads to the medicalisation of life stages. All civilization diseases and chronic diseases are the result of this approach – growing faith in fast external solutions and symptom suppression.

In the meantime we have in ourselves, though in times of rapid solutions and information, we lose direct access to these internal resources – the wisdom of the body.

The role of women in building a healthy society

and following to your natural body rhythm should be the primary task of every person, but especially for women. The woman has an unusual connection with nature – during her life the body is repeatedly transformed: it ripens, fruises and thrives. It is the source of life and because of its biological role it is mainly involved in care and therefore in these materials we pay more attention to women.

Women have huge potential, since their future choices depend on the health of the future generation.

Health promotion should begin with the change of women’s consciousness – there is potential for a healthy society.

I hope the HEALTHY PROJECT IS IN US to help with this task.

Preeti Agrawal