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Foundation Women and Nature  was founded in 2006. We are a non-profit, government registered organization.
Our motto is ”By changing ourselves we change the world and our health depends on our consciousness”. Since the inception we have been arranging international medical conferences, trainings for doctors and midwives to improve the quality of birth practices in hospitals. Besides we regularly organize health festivals, publish educational materials about holistic approach to health.




The lecture of Preeti Agrawal PhD in London - on 11 November 2016

We are not a bag of organs


Newsletter No.5/2016

The subject od the month: Multiple sclerosis






 IX Health Festival 2016 

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4th International Conference

 "Mind, emotions and relations in the development and treatment of chronic and oncological diseases"


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Health Festival 2016 and 4th Conreference Summary on the IMC Clinic page